Oh my!  It's-- Oh, it IS you!
No, you don't have to say it.
That face is unmistakable;
I am so glad you made it.

Listen...it's a miracle
you found me in this mayhem.
I caught those songs I told you about.
I need you to help me...
Play them.

My music is not for sale.  However, I am accepting contributions for the recording of my latest work.  I can write a great song, but I NEED YOUR HELP to make a great record.

With contribution levels spanning from $1 to $13,000, there is a way to show your support for every financial situation.  If you cannot, please share my link to the left of these words.

Most importantly, download my currently released music for free and listen to it.

May.09.2015 FREE MUSIC


Now mine is Free
...for as long as I can host it.

Find out how you can make my music Free forever.

Rolling with the punches of being in Replication.

The face of the music business
changes forever: June 2015.

Sep.09.2014 Minstrel CrAmp
Dashel It is the show that got recorded correctly in a city that is only around long enough each year to determine that nothing will ever be correctly.

May.20.2014 Airy Fairy Art
psychedelic dashel smoking My wife Ariel has done it again.

My baby paints me beautiful--in 1s and 0s

May.14.2014 Pies & Pints with Paper & Clay
Event Poster Come see a great folk duo with truth and talent.  Also, I will be making some noise.

This is going to be a fine evening, the type you look back and remember remembering.
Nov.19.2013 Back In The Studio
dashel at the Rendezvous' Jewel Box Theatre With the advent of spending more time inside due to cold, it is time to warm up the voice again and record some new music.  There should be a quantum leap somewhere in here...we'll see.
Nov.14.2013 Etsy Down, Bra!
It's up!  In the works for some time, the DNAexperience has come to Etsy.  Selling Ariel's (wife of mine and album cover designer) paintings, our necklaces, and my pants (among other planned desirables) our store is live!  Here are some of our items:
dnaexperience banner
Nov.2.2013  Dream Thieves!
dashel millihart at Nectar Loungedashel millihart at Nectar Loungedashel millihart at Nectar Loungedashel millihart at Nectar Lounge The concert on the left was advertised on my Facebook, Twitter, and Email networks.  Due to information garnered from analytics reports, updating dashel.com was eschewed in favor of getting extremely pressing matters taken care of.

In the five weeks since this memorable concert, I have battled poor digital organization, trashy backup shovelware, and a bona fide router virus--all to some avail.  Now boasting a twice-redundant, tidy media archive, I am not boasting about how long it is taking to generate some videos from the footage I took that night.

It is my intention to bring polished material to you whenever I bother you for your time.  Subsequently, you are likely to wait even longer as I mix the high quality audio I captured alongside some decent (if not dynamic) HD video captures of nearly the whole concert.

If you were not there--you were not alone!

Sunday night concerts are notoriously inappropriately scheduled--and I went on at 10:30 PM to boot.  Once I get some videos out, I will have the proof that I actually did the latter half of my set while wearing a bra.  I mean, sex sells...right?

Actually, it (apparently) doesn't sell on its own.  Just posting sixteen 11" x 17" color prints of the picture of me--wearing nothing but a tie--all over the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle did not garner even one audience member for my cause.

The problem?  Sane, intelligent people tend to be my base and no sane, intelligent person attends a showcase-style concert on a Sunday night without knowing when their favorite act would be playing--and that requires them to shell out $13, to boot.

As someone rarely on the "scene," my peaceful, quasi-rural life on the outskirts of Lake Forest Park make my efforts at networking a general stuttering at best--so it was out of a curious flavor of desperation that I followed up on an offer with a booking company of some infamy, called Afton.

I write about them extensively in a blog post - Afton, Thief of Dreams.  No, it's not a horror show tirade about a war-weary hero bedraggled by a system of new liars who carry the standard of the anti-liars.  It's a not-so-simple, totally honest, altogether overthought presentation of the point of view of one satisfied (despite his experience) former customer.  At least they tried!

(I mean that)
Sep.20.2013 No Show?
Dashel Monogram Hahaha!  The best laid plans of mice and donkey's generally run smoothly, unless the humans muck it up.  I will not be showing again this summer, unfortunately--having been lucky enough to attend Burning Man this year.  Man's gotta eat.  Here's a monogram with d's and an m--and some notes to boot.  Thanks, ma.
Sep.11.2013 DnA
DnA band logo Today marks the 2-year anniversary of the marriage between Dashel Milligan and Ariel Neidhardt.  Dashel & Ariel Millihart was created.  DnA is a duo project that has been in the slow workings of an exploratory labor of love.  Suffice to say, Ariel's backup vocals on Free Range Folk Rock were proof enough for me that we should be doing this full-time.

Sonny and Cher, here we come!
Jun.28.2013  Showtime!
dashel millihart at the Rendezvous It's time to come see me on a really real stage.  I am a hoot in person at a casual coffee shop appearance, but you haven't *really* heard my rich, velvety voice until you've heard it through a P.A. at the Jewel Box Theater inside the Rendezvous in Belltown.  Tickets are $10 in advance--click on the picture (or here) to buy--you'll be supporting me directly.

JULY 21, 2013
dashel millihart
& guests

2322 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121
Doors 6:15 pm
Show  6:30 sharp
$10 adv. $13@door
21+ only
Sep.27.2012 Online Sales
page shot of dashel.bandcamp.com Thanks to bandcamp.com and diymusicplatform.com, you can now shake your ass to my music without getting off of it.

Pay me without entering my physical space!  Send your robots to pay, and I'll send my robots to play.

Go to my Music page now.

Sep.01.2012 Album Release
Free Range Folk Rock album art Free Range Folk Rock is risen!  For now, you'll have to find me in person for a copy.

Listen: dashel.thenewhive.com

Aug.30.2012 The Weapon
Boasting 9 volts of portable rock and roll rawness embedded in a faux sound hole, The Weapon is the ultimate tool in the war of attention-seeking.

One day, I was walking in the lush forests blanketing the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  I heard a crash behind me.  Rushing to the source of the sound, I saw flames leaping skyward from a meadow nearby.  In the distance, beetle helicopter blades buzzed lightly.

I arrived to find the kind of devastation only a UFO crash site can create.  Twisted, green bodies lay in pieces around the hulking, toothy frame of a black starship made in the shape of a ninja star.

A golden orb still glowed, the size of Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, in the middle of the wreckage.  It hummed deeply as I approached, a hum that shook the tendrils connecting my soul to my spine.  Embedded in a nearby body, giant eyes threw a tiny mouth full of padded alien dialects at my unheeding ear as I reached out and pressed my finger into the molten light of the glowing orb.

I am not sure if an explosion occurred or if I was simply shocked into the air by invisible lightning.  I awoke before I landed, suddenly sharply aware of the alien words, a diffuse cloud of intent and meaning that may or may not have been probable at any moment.

As I hit the ground, I understood what the extraterrestrial was trying to impart; "They will have your viscera," s/he said.  I told the bleeding creature with my mind, "I will help if it will not smash my travellers." After all, I did have my own situations to manage.  The fleshy pile of grayish meat wheezed out a final telepathic image, the contents of which I am not at liberty to communicate to you at present, but those contents revealed to me that there would be miles of grits before we breakfast on planet Earth.

Now, a light breeze coupled with a deep roar: the helicopter quickly drew near.  Turning to leave, my eyes passed the center of the crash, where the glowing orb had been.

As a great power-up does in a video game when you have finally defeated the final enemy--in the still, empty air of the eye of the storm--when it there is nothing left to do but touch the final prize and complete the game--when one can refuse and spend an empty moment exploring the silence--in that vacant majesty of momentary momentouslessness, a guitar hovered, frozen, in mid-air.  It rotated softly; I heard distant laughter.  I did not think twice.  I did not hesitate.  I did not fabricate any reasoning.  I grasped the guitar, prised it from its magic, and held its glowing body against my toothpick ribs as I returned to the comforting dark of deep woods to examine the artifact.

A musical engine made to power intergalactic travel, using this guitar for the creation of entertainments is like showing up at a knife fight with a tank made out of Michael Jacksons.  She delivers an impossible barrage of deeply compressed mids and distortion made out of the scream of a princess immersed in a secret dream.  I named her Weapon because she is an arrow of hype, a destroyer of death, and a conductor of truth.

Posting this information puts me at great peril.  Even now, both sides of a universal struggle are trying to extinguish the light I have been lucky enough to stumble across on an innocent August hike in 2008.  Supplies are limited, interested parties are urged to catch me on stage before the corrupt galactic police catch me on the bluest planet anywhere on this side of the Central Universal Tree Of Life.
Apr.01.2012 recording
dashelf by Ariel Millihart After some time off to sever a tendon in my right hand, put a ring on my left hand, and change my last name hand, I'm back to making noises in front of robots.  Codified as instructions on portable media, those noises can be recreated by the right robots in your hands.  The noises (hereafter not referred to as SONGS) will be drawn from the past and present in order to make time in the future for the whole truth to be told.

The last two years have been kind to my music and it is high time I started hawking this stuff in a few more places.  Off to work.
Mon.00.2001 new website party
dasheldotcom the new website party is happening right now, for forever!  It has always been this way.